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THE TIN MAN could easily start getting a bit above himself with all the publicity he is getting.  We are quite superstitious and worry about too much publicity before a race.  It is such an honour to have a horse that the media want to come and film and interview the people involved with him that it is very hard to refuse.  It has just begun to rain which is great as the ground has been getting very firm in Newmarket.  Our fella doesn’t seem to mind what ground he races on.

We had a lot of media people here yesterday.  Tom Queally was here answering lots of questions, both Oleg who looks after him and Tom Fanshawe who rides him out were interviewed.  James has done several interviews over the past week.  Hopefully this wont all go to THE TIN MAN’S head and he starts to think he is more important than he is.  He seems to have come out of The Diamond Jubilee in good form.  He has just done his normal everyday exercise and a piece of work last Saturday which went well.  He looks very well and his coat is very glowing.

The Tin Man’s head

The Tin Man with Oleg Sheyets and Tom Queally