By: FARadmin On: July 02, 2018 In: Blog, General, Master Archer Comments: 0

MASTER ARCHER put his seconditis to bed on Saturday with a nice win at Chester under Richard Kingscote.  He was not declared for the race but it re-opened so James thought we might as well run him.  Richard rode a lovely race on him sitting on the tail of the lead horse and sent him to the lead about two and a half furlongs out and just kept him up to his work.  I thought something was going to come and catch as is the norm with him but no he kept on well.

The one thing you have to give MASTER ARCHER is the credit for being so consistent because second eight times consecutively is no mean feat but what a relief to finally get his head in front.  It was difficult for most of his owners to get there as it was such short notice but two of his most enthusiastic owners Isidore Carivalis and Gordon Papworth were there to welcome him back into the winners enclosure and collect the trophy.

He is the most popular winner of the year so far as he is such a popular horse in the yard.  Everyone loves riding him and he is such a gentleman.  Richard Kingscote even said what a lovely horse he was to ride and what a pleasure it was to have ridden him.