Unfortunately THE TIN MAN did not appreciate the undulations of Newmarkets July Course in The July Cup.   He was on the wrong side from the pace and rather stuck in no mans land getting a lead from an outsider who took us back to far.  Tom Queally had to ask THE TIN MAN to quicken going down into the dip which he did not enjoy.  The pace was a slow one dictated by Adam Kirby on Harrys Angel, the winner which also did not help.  Anyway we will now have him in tip top form for The Haydock Sprint at the beginning of September and The Qipco Champion Sprint in October.  We had to go for The July Cup as there was not another race suitable for him between now and The Haydock Sprint but James has never been confident that Newmarket would be his course.

MASTER ARCHER ran his best race so far on Thursday but just seems to loose concentration in the final stages.  We may put some cheek pieces on him next time to help him and his jockey.  He looks great after the race.  We also need plenty of rain for his next race as even though it was the best ground he has raced on this year Tom Queally felt he would have enjoyed things more if there had been more give.

We are keeping MAGICAL DREAMER up against her own sex as she is so flirty with the boys.  There is a race for her at Newbury on Thursday 27th June.  She worked well leading some two year old fillies on Wednesday and really enjoyed it pulling her jockey’s arms out.

We need a lot of rain before we can run PTARMIGAN RIDGE again.  He doesn’t mind how soft it is.  He looks really well and we only need one more run until he his handicapped.  He is not the best of movers but I have noticed that he is moving so much better at the moment.

There is a Listed Race at Maison Lafitte next Sunday that LORD GEORGE is entered in.  The likelihood he will miss it but James will have a look at the entries.  He looks great but had a bit of time off after The Northumberland Plate so it might come just a bit too soon.

All the two year olds are going nicely now.  EXCELLERATION is doing faster work and we will have to see how he comes on from that before deciding how long it will be befor we can run him.  SPANISH ARCHER is not too far behind but we will not be rushing him. SOCIETY PRINCE is like a little terrier and was kicked a little while back and had to have an easy couple of weeks again!  He has now caught up and doing well.  THE PINTO KID is coming along well now and pleasing us all with his development.