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We navigated the final hurdle of THE TIN MAN’S trip to the Hong Kong Sprint this morning when he did his final piece of work on Longhill Gallop.  He went very nicely and all The Fanshawes were happy.

At 9.30am the BHA vet came to look at THE TIN MAN  for the HKJC to make sure he was sound, fit and well and I got the impression that she thought he looked very well.  She really liked him unless she says the same things about every horse to keep everyone happy!

Helen Halliwell our travelling head girl, Oleg Sheyets, THE TIN MAN’S  lad, who has looked after him since he first arrived and Tom Fanshawe who rides him out everyday leave the yard at 5.30am on Friday morning for a scheduled flight to Hong Kong.  They are not allowed to fly with him on the plane as there are professional flying grooms for that.  THE TIN MAN leaves Pegasus between 4pm-5pm on Friday afternoon.  His team will be waiting for him when he arrives on Saturday afternoon.  All the kit needed out in Hong Kong gets picked up on Thursday morning including Toms saddle and riding out stuff.  It all takes a lot of organising.  Janet in the office has had so much paperwork to do.  It has taken up so much time over the past three weeks getting the trip organised.  The HKJC are very helpful and organise all the flights and hotel rooms as well as lots of entertainment once everyone is there.

On Wednesday evening there is an International Jockeys Challenge at Happy Valley.  Thursday is the big morning on the track where there will be lots of media etc.  All the foreign horses will be out on the track and being watched by everyone.  The horses have their own number cloths they have to wear everyday and depending on which Race you are entered for depends on what colour the cloth is.  They wont be very impressed with THE TIN MAN as he is the laziest horse ever and the least impressive horse in the string in the morning.  He worries us sick heading into a big race but he always produces it on the day.  It will be interesting to see if he changes in a different environment and training on the track etc.  Ryan Moore has never sat on him yet so hopefully he will be able to sometime before the race.  After breakfast the draw is done for the four races and that is a big occasion.  Someone pulls the name of the horse out of a bag and the trainer or one of the connections goes and picks a board out of a stand and it will have the number of the stall on it.

Great British Racing International who we are supporting out there are having a drinks party on Thursday evening that James and I as well as THE TIN MAN’S owners are all attending.  Friday we are all going to a Gala Dinner.  So quite a lot going on.  It is very exciting for all of us to be taking part in such an exciting Race Meeting.

I hope that THE TIN MAN copes with the flying but I cant see why he shouldn’t as he is very laid back.